What is Distant Healing

Healing is a way of applying high and light energies to the body and surrounding energy field (aura), so that energy which is dense or blocked may be transformed.

In Distant healing the client does not have to be physically present with the Healer. A highly skilled and trained healer can ‘tune in’ and connect to the client’s energy, and apply light healing energies.

By accessing through higher level consciousness, the Healer can help to restore and balance the emotions and general well-being of the client. This in turn helps the mental stresses and physical aspects of life.

To experience the joy of distant healing, email a photo with full name, address and date of birth to the address on the “contact Amy” page and make a Payment through Paypal for £40. You can mention any distress you have at the moment, should you wish. All information is kept strictly confidential.If you are unable to email a photo, please contact Amy using the email address on the contact Amy page.

Within just a few days you will receive a phone call/email/letter informing you of the healing carried out. For your confidentiality all emails received will be deleted accordingly. If you have sent a photo after contacting Amy, that will also be returned to you by post.

I look forward to sharing the Gift of Healing with you.