The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme®

The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme ™ has been designed to raise your awareness and increase your understanding of the subtle energies that surround you and bear influence on your daily life and well-being. Created by Sue Zange, the pioneer and developer of advanced understanding of subtle energies, this Programme will teach you about the amazing nature of invisible energies.

Your energy field consists of a natural flow of electro-magnetic radiance which contains a complex matrix of patterns, energy forms and daily energy interactions. As all things are energy, there is a constant movement of “energy transactions” in and out of the energy field all day. As we are in constant flow and connection with the external physical world, these energy transactions can build up excessively. Leaving them uncleared, or not managed effectively, they can cause emotional, mental and physical imbalances.

The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme™ will provide you with insight and growth that will improve the quality of your life, and relationships with those around you. You will be equipped with simple, easy to apply energy skills to help you have a clearer mind, and space. In turn, this will enhance your life and enable you to make clearer choices that matter to you.

Over this Course you will learn:

On Day 1:

  • The structure and layers of the energy field
  • Inflows and outflows of energy flows and patterns
  • The importance of how energy transactions affect well-being
  • An insight into how ill-health and imbalance occurs
  • How to manage flow, balance and transformation in your energy flow
  • Techniques to clear your energy
  • How to create a higher vibrational state
  • To raise awareness of stress and chaos
  • Techniques to enhance your core strength and stability through energy awareness
  • The interconnections we have with each other and how we energetically affect each other
  • Key factors that can improve our connections to each other

A further second day presentation enables you to learn:

  • How emotions and feelings flow throughout the energy system and their impact
  • How we store emotional “baggage”
  • How dense and slow feelings can affect you
  • Techniques to cultivate high, fast frequencies
  • The fundamental elements of intelligent awareness and applying focus
  • Ways to develop intention with clarity and engaging with higher mental capacity
  • The command of life and application of directive intelligence
  • How to cultivate flows of higher energies and therefore higher potentials

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“It was lovely to attend your session on Subtle Energies. I was a bit stressed when I entered the room but was not the same person when I left from there. It was so much calmer, soothe and relaxing that I was feeling like flying in the sky. I am looking forward to attend your 2-day course to discover more about subtle energies. Thanks a lot for your help." MMO, Teacher of Mathematics, West Midlands

“I find the colours exercise very useful - depending on the situation, I can choose which colour(s) I need most to energise me and help me refocus on the important not the trivial.” SSJ Teacher of English, West Midlands