About Amy

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to develop and grow as a person. This requires skills and techniques to deal with and overcome challenges in life, which are all designed to help our growth, yet we don’t always see it that way at the time.

I have had the privilege through attending courses and training with Sue Zange to learn how to manage my emotions, gain more clarity and understand people and dynamics. I am still growing and learning in life, as we all are, and I’m really pleased to have trained and become a Certified Teacher in the Subtle Energy Awareness Programme and the 'Enhance Your Life ~ Enhance Your Light' Programme.

I can now raise awareness and teach some simple Life Management skills and techniques so others are able to enhance their lives and live with more peace, joy and a greater understanding of life’s transactions

Come and join me on this awesome path of discovery!

“It was lovely to attend your session on Subtle Energies. I was a bit stressed when I entered the room but was not the same person when I left from there. It was so much calmer, soothe and relaxing that I was feeling like flying in the sky. I am looking forward to attend your 2-day course to discover more about subtle energies. Thanks a lot for your help." MMO, Teacher of Mathematics, West Midlands