The 'Enhance your Light' Meditation Programme ®

When life’s transactions get busy, we get busier with them, trying to keep up or reposition things in our energy field. It is at times like these we really need to STOP, be still, direct the excess energy to discharge out of our system and regain command of our life and the situations we are faced with.

Meditation is an energetic state and having the skills to apply the mind correctly can enhance your well-being on multiple levels. Using your mind creatively in visualisation will support you to extend your capabilities in line with your choices in life.

Come and be with me on this exciting, wonderful one day course to:

  • Develop an understanding of change in brainwaves during meditation and/or visualisation
  • Learn basic skills and practise how to develop high quality meditation and visualisation
  • Understand the relevance of posture, grounding and stillness
  • An explanation of heart energy and why we need to open the heart
  • Learn how to create and position 3 Primary “Spheres of Light” which will offer you the key, life-management tools to help improve the main aspects of daily living.

Learning to visualise well and meditate peacefully can be one of the most satisfying actions we can engage in. The Enhance Your Light ~ Enhance Your Life Programme, created and pioneered by Sue Zange, will teach you skills of visualisation which will assist you in:

  • Creating
  • Manifesting
  • Resolving
  • Transforming
  • Empowering

Meditation, the path of peace supports a loving heart and an open nature:

  • Peace and Calm
  • Clarity and Strength
  • Motivation
  • Contentment
  • Joy

Both these practises will help you grow intelligently, emotionally and spiritually.

Most of us find sitting still a challenge, I certainly did and when I first trained, I barely managed two minutes! After training with Sue Zange I can now sit in meditation and visualisation for much longer and I would like to show you how it can be achieved. My ability to manage life situations, stress and workload has improved immensely as a result of regular meditative practice, as well as increased capacity to have love and compassion in daily life.

Creative living that enriches all.