Life Management Skills

The life management skills interactive workshops are designed to educate a wide range of audiences. Being highly informative and practical based, you will learn innovative and pioneering ways to manage certain life situations, and energy states, before they start presenting themselves as symptoms. These workshops will leave you feeling empowered to take command of your life and the situations it, and people present.

As long as the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our Being are balanced and in natural flow, we will have harmony, creativity and peace in our lives. An imbalance in the energy of these natural flows leads to many recognisable symptoms such as distress, fatigue, lack of clarity, lack of sleep and a feeling of disempowerment. Sessions can be tailored to suit your needs and time availability, where you can:

  • learn the impact of overbusyness and how to regain command of your life
  • discover how our emotional states have a direct impact on our life
  • increase emotional intelligence, awareness and resilience
  • gain awareness of mental capacity and how exceeding it causes mental stress
  • understand the hidden energies that drive relationships and dynamics.

Life management skills

Life Management Skills workshops will also teach you how to manage fundamentals of daily living using meditation and visualisation. The techniques are based on 3 major psychology concepts of:

Presence on Earth – Connection to Earth – Health and Wellbeing

By attending these workshops you will be able to:

  • Discover how visualisation techniques can help you manage and direct your life
  • Learn ways to resolve and manage difficult or challenging relationships
  • Understand how meditation releases stress, calms the mind and restores the body
  • Create a space to regularly recover, heal, restore your spirit and receive comfort
  • Learn to build on these skills and expand your awareness to develop aspects of your life such as creativity, inspiration, learning and communication

“Really enjoyed the visualisation session. Thank you for sharing. I will use it.” A.C.West Midlands

“Amazing! Very interesting, informative, and practical tips to take away, especially as teachers it is a very stressful job and could make it easier. Amy understood the pressures." R.P.West Midlands